SOOLin Talvipäivät 2019

SOOL's Winter Days

SOOL’s Winter Days are here again and this time in Rauma!
Winter Days are Finland’s largest all weekend long student event. The event brings over 2,000 teacher-students every year to spend a weekend together. This year, the Winter Days are organized by the Ol Niingon Gotonas organization, in collaboration with the Rauma teacher students. This marks the tenth time that Winter Days are organized in Rauma during the history of the event. In addition, the year 2019 is the 60th anniversary of SOOL. The above are great reasons to come to Rauma to spend the Winter Days together 22nd -24th of February 2019.

This year’s theme is Mi casa, su casa! We want to welcome everyone to join the Winter Days and come to Rauma like you’d be in your own home. Join us in Rauma to spend the best weekend of our lives together!